Dr. V. Visweswara Sastry
(Professor & Head of Department)


Teaching undergraduate students the subject of pharmacology to give a broad knowledge about the drug and their rational use in medical practice.


Laboratory facilities:

There is enough equipment for conduction of practical’s in clinical pharmacology, animal experiments are shown by computer simulated technique.Students are given training in writing prescription to common diseases and also trained in problem based learning in clinical cases.

Demonstration in animals are done to show the effect of some drugs like muscle relaxants, sedative-hypnotics, analgesics, local anesthetics by using apparatus like Rotarod, Photoactometer, Analgesiometer, etc.


Equipped with about 350 drug samples arranged system wise. Different drug formulations are also displayed. Fifty four figures and specimens of herbal are also established.
Charts depicted of common drug reactions are also displayed.
Twenty two pictures of scientist involved in the progress and development of medicine and allied subjects are displayed in the section of history of medicine. These will be a source of inspiration for the young medical students.
Catalogues containing information regarding the Drugs and the specimens displayed in the museum are made available.

Research room:

The research lab is well equipped with instruments like Rotarod, Poleclimbing apparatus, Analgesiometer, Photoactometer, Convulsiometer, Colorimeter, Histamine chamber etc

Academic activities:

Micro teaching sessions for the young medical teachers are regularly done.
Journal club meetings once in 15 days to update the knowledge, discuss regarding new drugs are conducted
Medical quiz in the pharmacology and seminars by the students are also planned.


Experienced and enthusiastic faculties for each and every subject recruited from reputed colleges, universities and well known educational institutions.
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