Dr. V. Visweswara Sastry
(Professor & Head of Department)


Anatomy is a science that deals with the gross structure of the Human body, it also has 2 branches namely histology and embryology dealing with microscopic architecture of human cell and tissue, and development of a single cell to a human individual and associated anomalies. In Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences the Department of Anatomy is well equipped with excellent infrastructure and learning environment with all the facilities to train a under graduate medical student. The department is headed by Dr.T.K.Rajasree, Prof & HOD, Vice-Principal academics with a 25 yrs of teaching experience for both under graduate and post graduate students.

The faculty are associated with regular academic teaching programs for under graduate students in the dissection hall and histology laboratory. The department is equipped with spacious dissection hall to accommodate 150 students and 2 demonstration rooms and 1 air conditioned lecture gallery with audio visual aids with seating capacity of 180 students.

The department has a very good gross anatomy museum with a total specimens of 250, the museum has all developmental and anatomical variational specimens collected from the teaching hospital. The museum also has a collection of 50 sets of bones and 8 articulated skeletons and about 50 MRI & CT Films for academic purpose to the students.

The histology lab of the department has about 100 microscopes and about 1000 histological slides for the teaching program for the students. The lab is equipped with a port camera microscope with projection of the histological slides, and the preparation rooms for preparation and staining of the unprocessed slides.

The department has conducted a state level workshop, Genetics made simple where eminent faculty from the field of genetics and anatomy and allied sciences have participated in the event.

The faculty of the department are actively involving in regular academic events by presenting themselves in the CME and seminar programs, the faculty are involved in workshops conducted by the department of Medical Education MRIMS.

Guide for Poster presentation in National Conferences

  • Variation of Sciatic nerve
  • Case report of Right Vesico-Ureteral reflux.

  • Variation in Formation of median Nerve

  • Variation in Orgin of Left circumflex femoral Artery.

Guide for Poster Presentation in State Conference

  • Rare anomaly of Ureter.
  • Esophageal fistula
  • A case report of Treacher Collins Syndrome


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