Dr. V. Visweswara Sastry
(Professor & Head of Department)


  • Forensic medicine is one of the curriculums of medical course in the second MBBS examination.
  • This subject deals with the application of medical and paramedical knowledge to aid in the administration of justices in the court.
  • This subject is closely associated with different functionaries of police department , legal department and judiciary.
  • It is also interrelated with many other subjects of medical curriculum like forensic pathology, forensic toxicology, forensic psychiatry, forensic odontology, forensic radiology, forensic ballistics and forensic sciences etc..
  • the major share of forensic medicine is dealing with postmortem examination of different types of death with their different causes and medico legal nature.
  • It also deals with cases of variety poisons and the cases of sexual offences, both live as well as on dead statures.
  • It submits basically a scientific knowledge without any biases to the judiciary for administration of justice
  • It throws light on different issues like accidental suicidal and homicidal nature of the cases

Set of objectives:

  • To investigate and certify all medico legal cases that occur, such as deaths due to accidental causes, sudden unexpected deaths, sudden infant deaths, deaths that are the result of violence or suspected violence, fires deaths, drowning cases, death in custody, medical malpractice deaths, deaths that are associated with conditions that pose a hazard to the public safety or health, and all unattended or unexplained deaths…etc.
  • To work hand-in-hand with the court system and other health agencies towards the overall goal of reducing social violence and to monitor the prevalence of certain conditions that threaten the safety and health of all our communities.
  • To provide accurate and impartial forensic and scientific findings to police investigators and to courts of law (trace evidences).

Our Mission:

  • To educate the under graduate second MBBS students and to conduct research activity
  • To demonstrate different medico legal cases reported in causality of MRIMS hospital 
  • Demonstration of live postmortem examination in the mortuary of general hospital (Gandhi)
  • To improve the forensic medicine services and to conduct new specialized programs in the field of forensic medicine, toxicology and forensic sciences

Constituents of department of forensic medicine

a) Department LaB

  • Forensic histopathology Slides ___ 25 slides
  • Serology Kits_HIV, HBSAG, HCB, VDRL, Blood Group
  • examination of specimen & tests
  • Department practical lab setup has capacity of 150 students for practical classes’ purpose

b) Mortuary

  • Mortuary Behind the College Building
  • Cold Storage – available and functioning


  • Medico-Legal Specimens - 16
  • Charts - 64
  • Prototype fire arms - 100
  • Slides - 25
  • Poisons - 100
  • Photographs - 60
  • Catalogues - 140
  • Anthropology - 1 Set of Instruments
  • Toxicology - 100 Poisons
  • Bones - 46+8
  • Fetus - 8
  • X-ray film sets - 29


  • 2 Room each with 80 Students capacity



Experienced and enthusiastic faculties for each and every subject recruited from reputed colleges, universities and well known educational institutions.
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